WAIT! — Don’t miss this educational webinar with IT and Cyber Security Specialist, Ciaran Kenny, of Macnamara IT Support.

How SMBs can quicken home (IT) environments, increase productivity, & level-up domestic cyber security

Webinar for leaders and managers who want to....

Understand how to better manage home broadband and be more productive

Know what to ask your ISP (they can possibly help you speed up your connection)

Learn how to tune up your home IT equipment

Understand how you can keep your family’s data private (away from business)

Get a grip on the new security risks that massive unprepared home working has created (that your business is indefinitely postponing).

Webinar introduction...

Ciaran Kenny introduces the topics of this webinar.

ciaran kenny 2

"Home Working was always the future. The future has arrived quicker than expected. Let’s embrace the opportunities it brings and reduce the chaos."

Ciaran Kenny, IT and Cyber Security Specialist

It's for you if...

Your team is struggling with networking and connectivity issues

You’ve got the basics in place, but now you’re starting to worry about security

You’re wondering how to consolidate and build on the forced transition to home networking

Home working is the new normal...

In recent months…

Home working has been thrust upon people and organisations.

But I think we all know…

Home working is here to stay.

More and more people appreciate the improved work\life balance that comes with home working.

And furthermore….

Now that people have developed a taste. They are only going to want more!

So the question is not…“How can we get back into the office?”

It’s….“How can we build effective home working into the core of our business”

Of course, home working brings plenty of challenges and roadblocks:

  1. Slow internet connections — that make connecting with data and colleagues painfully slow.
  2. Non-business infrastructure — your personal laptop, wifi router, and smart doorbell weren’t designed with corporate security in mind.
  3. Potentially inadvertently sharing private family information with the business – and vice versa.

If you want a productive and secure home working system…

These are challenges you’re going to face.

Now, you might be thinking…

We’re in an emergency situation. We don’t have time to do things the “proper” way.

We get it. When your back’s against the wall, it’s natural to embrace shortcuts and brush aside complications. However, it’s worth thinking about the consequences of a hastily assembled remote working environment…

  • Just chucking a remote working solution together isn’t going to lead to the best results. (Aside: You wouldn’t make Spaghetti Bolognese, by just dumping all the ingredients in a saucepan, would you?)

  • Sub-optimal productivity of your team….
    1. Staff struggling with connecting to each other and important data
    2. Staff not understanding basics of remote working (is this document local or remote?)

  • You might be asking your staff to use their household IT infrastructure in a way they’re not comfortable with. It might be something they’ll accept in the short-term. But in the long-term they’ll demand a considered approach.

  • Weak domestic infrastructure is leaving your business vulnerable to bad actors…

Scammers and cyber criminals don’t care about global emergencies….


The hackers, scammers and fraudsters, who were already attacking your business, don’t care about pandemics, they care about making money.

While you see a crisis and think about what you can do to help others.

They see chaotic home networks and a golden opportunity — an opportunity to exploit weaknesses and make money.

Given this knowledge…

What’s the smart move?

Option A — Carrying on with a back of the envelope, emergency home networking approach

Option B — Getting to grips with this new way of business — and hardening (and speeding) up home networking systems

Of course, risks come in all sorts of guises.


Yes, your team’s children could also expose your business to unintended risk

Imagine this scenario…

One of your team is busy replying to emails on their desktop computer.

Their child is watching Netflix on the family iPad.

They get bored and start pressing buttons on the iPad screen.

They open the Google Docs App.

They press more buttons…

And accidentally delete the important sales presentation your team member has been working on for the last four weeks.

What’s worse…

That document was only saved locally on the iPad….there’s no cloud backup.

Your team member says “%@*@$”

You say “£%@ — £&!£%@ — £%&@”

Now, don’t worry, because with a thought out approach, scenarios like this can be avoided…

First Steps to improving Your home working IT systems….

Use these simple steps to start getting to grip with your situation.

  1. Stop and think about what you’ve done — take an hour, sit down and reflect on the organisational and IT changes you’ve made to your business.

  2. Start thinking about what you need to do next

  3. Consider the silver lining….regardless of the crisis, remote working is a clear and popular trend. By tackling these challenges now – you’ll be better prepared for the long-term change in the way we all work and live.

Who am I to be telling you this?

I’m Ciaran Kenny, Information Security specialist and founder of Macnamara IT Support.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked with 200+ companies of all different sizes.

I’ve helped rapid growth companies such as Foreign Currency Exchange (now part of GlobalReachGroup) deal with complex security challenges — like satisfying the requirements of auditors and the FCA.

I understand the desire of CEO’s who want to focus on growth and sustainability — especially given the current crisis.

Unfortunately, the bad guys don’t care about the crisis…

When they see people being forced to isolate at home and work remotely.

They don’t see a crisis.

They see…

  • Newly revealed holes in your IT and business security…
  • Domestic routers with default passwords, laptops without strong passwords….
  • An open window that lets them exploit critical systems and data….

What will this result in?

Financial gain for the bad guys. And immense pain for businesses like yours.


You can do something to mitigate those hazards and risks.

The first step is getting to grips with your situation (i.e. your team working from home).

My webinar will help you do just that.

Kind regards,

Ciaran Kenny


The IT for the New Normal Webinar

Who is this Webinar for?

This webinar is for Leaders and Office Managers who recognise that home working is going to be a big part of the new normal.

This webinar will help you to...

Get a grip on the new (IT) environment - at home, in the office, in the cloud

Understand the limits of consumer IT and plan how to overcome them

Achieve the same levels of security outside as inside the office

Learn how to separate private and business data (so your Instagram selfies don’t end up on the company server!)

Ready to get a grip?

Attend our webinar and learn how to embrace a home working future and improve domestic IT capabilities.

What people say about Ciaran

Don’t take out word for it…here what others have to say about Ciaran’s expertise.

Want to reduce home working risks?

Attend our webinar and learn how you can achieve enhanced levels of domestic IT security.


  • I’ve run an IT support company for 20+ years.
  • My qualifications and experience
    · MSc in Information Security
    · Certified Information Security Professional.
    · EU – GDPR Practitioner.
    · Ecommerce Council Security Analyst
    · Trained ISO 27001 Auditor.
    · Cyber Essentials Cyber Auditor.
    · IASME Assessor

Yes, if you sign up on this page, we’ll send you a link to the replay. But it’s best to attend live so you can get your important questions answered.

Absolutely, I’ll (Ciaran) be on hand to answer all your questions.

Not at all. The presentation is 100% education — I want to ensure all business owners can get this important education for free during this critical time. If you want to learn more about what we do at Macnamara IT Support you can send me a message here.

Want to speed up your domestic IT networks?

Attend our webinar and learn how you to reduce connectivity bottlenecks — so your team can work smoothly.

Don't miss out. Get unmissable IT insights & next steps from an industry veteran. Reserve your webinar seat now...

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Ready for hot tickets & dynamite events? Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out again.

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Are you ready — for hot tickets, game-changing events, powerful training, and personalised reports? Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out again.

Ready for hot tickets & dynamite events? Subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out again.